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Sharing My Writings

Fight Evil With Love
By Suzin Levine

       Dear Friends in Christ. So many prayers are needed for an end to war and for peace in the world. The Iraq war has been taking over the news of late. There are also many other wars going on in the world. Many wars are brewing in our own families.

       It will take ALL of us pulling together, in prayer, to begin to heal the scars of hatred that has seeped into the souls of so many people in this wonderful world. I see destruction ahead if we don't act now to thwart the damage, through prayer, that is surely brewing in the mist of our own communities, states, countries, and our world.

       We also must start "loving until it hurts". That is to say, that we must conjure up every ounce of loving strength we have in us, to fight the "war of evil" that prevails amongst us and pray, pray, pray and ask Jesus for the graces to be able to love until it hurts!

       One way to "love until it hurts", is to give up some of our free time, endure the hardships that it takes to help those that are hurting in their hearts. We must give up jealousy and we must stop being boastful. We can't be arrogant or rude anymore and we must work out our resentments.

       When we are irritable, we must STOP and think about forgivness and patience. The pride that is engulfing us is actually ruining us. We MUST become humble servants of God as we are called to Love our neighbors as ourself. We must NOT allow anger to make us slowly turn into a hateful person. We must allow that anger to change us into a person who seeks positive solutions.

       We must LOVE our enemies, which takes so much compassion, empathy, and patience. We must teach those with battered and cruel lives that love does exist and we must stand by them to teach them about love. We must get rid of our judging attitudes and lend our hand to those who are crying for some meaning in their lives. "LOVE until it hurts", that is what we must do.

       People who suffer from drug dependencies, mental illness, heated tempers, despair and all other weaknesses, NEED us so much! Many of us have the strength to handle our lives. We may have the wisdom to know how to survive. God has given many of us graces to go forward.

       So many lost people have no idea on how to climb out of the holes society or themselves have given them. Some people are just so weak because they have not received the graces to be strong. Some have been abused mentally or phsically sence the day they were born. Some have chosen drugs, hatred, and sloth. Whatever the reason, I BEG all of you, to reach out to someone NOW!!!

       Adopt the "Tough Love" programs throughout our country. Be firm, but loving, in helping to heal the dysfunctional people of our communities. Get tough on criminals, but LOVE. Give strict guidance to our children, but don't tell our children to "shut up, you're a brat, get out of my life," or any other form of abusive bashings.

       Take hold of our beautiful senior citizens. Don't let them rot away in convalescent hospitals. SEEK out those who are wallowing in aloneness. DON"T let anyone live their life with out a kind word from you.

       Stop wasting our precious time fighting in our own families!

       WE need each other now! Go to counseling if you have to. Start going to church. Go through your closets and find things to give to the less fortunate. Write a check to your favorite charity. MOST OF ALL, Love until it hurts a little!!!

       I am only a tiny speck among the people of this world. I have just as many faults as the next person. I am going through pain in my life, just like everybody else.

       I promise though, to the people of the world, that I will pray for the grace from God, to take a stand now! I will fight evil with LOVE. I will reach out to you all now with Love in my heart! With God by my side, I will "love until it hurts".

       Let us unite in prayer. Please close your eyes and ask Jesus now to please end all wars in the world and to help us attain peace throughout the world.

       Every day, lets remember to close our eyes and pray to Jesus to please help us learn to pray and to try help us begin solving the problems in our own families.

       Won't you please join me? I Care! Love Suzin.


I hunger for Catholicism
From The Book: "Don't Cry Anymore"
By Suzin Levine

       I have an enormous hunger for the Eucharist. The whole basis of the Catholic Church is the Eucharist. I, "a weak and helpless sinner", was left the greatest miracle from our Lord! The gift of Himself. The strenghth I find from recieving Jesus sustains me. The graces that I recieve, give me the opportunity to actually touch a speck of the Love of God. There is no going back for me. I can't thank our Lord "enough", for the gifts He has given me, through the Catholic Church. I hunger for Catholicism!

       What started me on this thirst of "the word made flesh"? Looking back into my life, I remember how I waited for weeks and weeks to recieve my First Holy Communion. When the big day finally arrived, I remember the joy I felt, "anticipating the moment", that our Lord would come to me in the Eucharist. Excitement built up inside my hungry soul! I remember walking up that aisle with my little hands so reverently folded. I was engulfed in such surpassing Love that I nearly shook with a sence of urgency. Yes, I remember that day as the best day in my life! That day was to be the memory that guided me through the deepest of pains throughout my life. I touched God's Love that day and my soul still desires God's brightest shining lights.

       I am not worthy of any of God's gifts. I have sinned horribly throughout my life. God's Love though is such, that He forgives a million times over. I choose to accept God's gifts, even though I know I don't deserve anything. I hungered for theMass, the Sacraments and especially for Jesus in the Eucharist. I looked at so many other churches. I studied other faiths. I grew to admire and respect the many different churches. My hunger for Catholicism was starving my soul. I saw that other Christian religions had roots that always went back to the Catholic Church. I realized that Jesus anointed Peter our first Pope and that is why I give my loyalty to our Pope.

       The Pope is the head of the Church because he is the successor of St. Peter. I also knew that our faith had many problems throughout it's history and still does to this day. I choose instead, to look at the "Divine Teachings" of the Church. I realized that people are imperfect and i decided to look deeply into the Catholic faith, "towards the gifts Jesus left us". I knew that the whole life of Jesus, "the Word made Flesh". was the foundation of the Church. Jesus gathered His apostles and the climax of Jesus' preparation for the Church was the Last Supper. At the Last Supper the apostles became "One Body In Jesus". St. Paul said, "because the loaf of bread is one, we, though many, are one body, for we partake of the one loaf". (Corinthians 1 : 10-17)

       The Church is a mystery, a visible sign of God's invisible presence. I love the sence of being a person who belongs to the same worldwide family. I love the sence of history. Our family line reaches back to the earliest Christianity. I'm thankful for the endless stream of God's mercy and forgiveness the Church gives me.

       I see God's Love! I feel God's Love! I can freely give God's Love! I can't explain it, but it's an extraordinary feeling that gives me much wisdom, understanding, patience, peace and joy. The Love I find, shows me how easy it is to forgive others instantly! I am free, so absolutely free!

       I'm Catholic because I want to be! Jesus left us many tools to work with, so that we can attain everlasting union with Him. I choose to work hard to get closer to God. I yearn for the Holy Trinity to embrace the very depth of my soul. I seek out the friendships of Blessed Mother, the Angels and all of the Saints. I accept what the Church teaches, as coming from Christ Himself! I desperately need God! I need Him in the depth of my yearning soul! I hunger for Catholicism!

       Oh! My dear Lord! I Love You so dearly, even though I know You Love me so much more. Every part of me hungers for the magnificent touch of Your Love! I long to reach out to those around me and share You with them! I hunger to see You in all living creatures upon this wonderful world. I do see You in all Creation. The world You created. The world we destroy by the hour.

       "Ohhhh! My Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead All souls to heaven, especially those in the most need of thy mercy". We must get out of ourselves now! We must see the suffering Christ in those around us. We must take care of our souls; by refusing to allow anger, resentment, bitterness, depression and hatred into the depths of our souls! We must choose God "Now"! Oh, how i hunger for Catholicism!

       Visit the elderly, whose pain leads us straight to the Love of God! Comfort those who are deep into drugs, prostitution and any other dysfunctional lifestyle. Let them see Jesus working through you! Reach out to those that are drowning in false pride. Show them the Love of God, through your inner joy. Seek out everyone and anyone! Run to them with the power of the Holy Spirit, shining from within you. I hunger for Catholicism! I choose to beg God for the graces that are needed in order to do His wonderful work of Peace and Love!

       Thank You Lord, for ALL that You have entrusted to me! I hunger for the gift of You....."The Eucharist", the foundation of Your Church!


Bonded with God's light
By Suzin Levine

Bonded with God's light,
In prayer, day and night.

Souls grow beyond today,
Becoming part of God's ray.

Oh, Lord, our only King,
Touch our soul as we sing.

Take us away,
Make everything ok.

Shower us with Your gift,
Our souls, please lift.

Bonded with God's light,
In prayer, day and night.


This Is What I See
Hail Mary's
By Suzin Levine

       I see each Hail Mary as a spiritual rose petal going up to Heaven and when 10 Hail Mary's are said, I see the spiritual rose petals forming one beautiful rose that is given to Mary to present to Jesus. A rose that is the petitions from us all. I see many roses given in bouquets.

       Let us keep praying for all souls to be sent the graces to be able to pray, hope and not worry.


Dearest Mother
By Suzin Levine

       Dearest Mother. You know the intentions that are penetrating within the depth of my heart. Please Dearest Mommy, hear these prayers and please go forth with them and present them to Jesus, Your Son, who You give ALL honor and glory to, forever and ever.

       Mother, You know how my heart aches to do the right things for Jesus. You know any pain that is eating me alive and that is hard for me to accept at this time.

       Mother, Oh Mother, please keep praying and helping all souls to be sent the graces to choose God in their life. Help each soul whisper the name of Jesus upon their death on earth, so that they will choose God for all eternity.

       Thank You for giving us Your example of saying simple "yes's" to God, as You teach us to give our ALL to Him.

       Please hear the intentions that I have for my family and grandchild and friends and brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and grand nieces and grand nephews and any other relatives that I might have that I do not even know that I have and for all the souls that have left this world and the souls who live in this world now and ALL souls that have not even been born in this world yet.

       Mary, our Mother, You are full of graces, the Lord is with You. Blessed are You amongst women and blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, please pray for ALL of us, who are sinners. Now and at the hour of death. Amen.